Clairy NATEDE : Filtering Indoor Air Using Plants and Tech

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Clairy has launched new NATEDE air purifier that takes nature’s best living air cleaners and makes them part of the solution.

The Clairy team started with the premise that nature has already developed the tools needed to clean the air.

The solution presented itself when the team stumbled upon a NASA discovery that found that nature has the ability to eliminate pollutants. At its core, photosynthesis in plants is the ultimate realization of this, taking the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with water and transforming it into oxygen and energy.

Looking in nature as the first component of their indoor air filter, the team set about designing a product that would look beautiful and yet still provide a meaningful improvement in indoor air quality by filtering the air with a plant.

All of their learning’s were rolled into the product that became known as NATEDE. It gets its unique name from the 3-pack of awesome that formed the foundation for its creation: NAture, TEchnology and DEsign.

In case you’re wondering, the plant is not included — it’s a type of BYOP, or ‘bring your own plant’ — device. “We recommend certain plants that work better. There are 16 plants that NASA said are the best,” Marco related. The plants were selected as those that are the most effective at filtering indoor air and that are available around the world at a low cost.

The NATEDE filter was designed to force the incoming air through the root structure of the plant to make it hundred times more powerful at filtering out pollutants. This is supercharged with another filter to the unit that uses titanium dioxide paint and a photocatalytic UV LED light that eliminate viruses and bacteria as well. Using filter media that doesn’t need to be changed or maintained — with the exception of a little water for the plant every so often — means there are no filters to replace, ever.

Findings suggest, it eliminates 99.8% of chemicals which is very similar to traditional HEPA and carbon filters….but this one doesn’t have filters.”


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