New Tech Brings Down The Cost Of Carbon Capture

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Realistically, coal-fired generating facilities will be part of the world’s energy mix for decades to come.

Capturing a significant proportion of carbon emissions from going up the smokestacks of coal-powered electrical generating stations before it can get into the atmosphere is a good thing.

A new study by the Carbon Capture and Storage Center says the latest technology — which has been trialed at SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station unit 3 — is 67% less expensive that it was just a few years ago.

If applied to the Shand coal-fired generating station in Saskatchewan, it would remove 97% of carbon dioxide emissions at one third the cost of similar technology in 2014.

The CCS Knowledge Centre has long championed ground-breaking technology and proven that carbon capture can be an essential component in addressing global warming.

The IBB and the CCS Knowledge Center have produced a 15-minute video (above) that explains how the latest carbon capture technology works.








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