eVTOL : EVA’s Autonomous Air Taxi Which Can Also Assist In ‘Search & Rescue’

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After the devastating fires we’ve seen in California, one thing stands out: We need more search and rescue systems.

EVA is a new electric air mobility startup has a promising electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

eVOTL aircraft are perfect for search and rescue. They are also perfect to reduce traffic jams. And EVA has a great solution the company thinks is almost ready to bring to the market.

The eVTOL is small, 100% autonomous, and sports an ingenious configuration. It uses wings that retract when taking off and landing. EVA says it is months away from certifications and from flying the machine.

The idea of eVTOL came from a desire to avoid traffic jams. The solution had to 1) be compact enough to land on a parking lot, 2) no CO2 emission, 3) ultra safe 4), and be autonomous to allow for as much space for passengers.

eVtol has all of this and much more. Its patented solution shines as it does not need a vertiport or heavy infrastructure. Its folding wing pattern allows it to land on a spot 7 times smaller than the nearest competitor and it has an extended range.

Reference- cleantechnica

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