An Automatic EV Parking And Charging Solution From Hyundai

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Hyundai and Kia have a solution to help you park your electric vehicles (EVs) and recharge them automatically.

Hyundai hails its system as a “convenience to drivers who are faced with an overcrowding of both parking and charging locations” with EVs. Its strength lies in removing charged EVs from charging stations to let others use the freed station.

Using a Hyundai or Kia smartphone app, the autonomous vehicle (AV) will find a vacant wireless charging station and start the process on its own. You don’t need to do anything. It will be moved to another vacant parking space using the companies’ AVPS when charged.

When the driver is ready, the app will bring the vehicle to them.

That’s one of the promises of EVs and AVs that Hyundai and Kia are working on. Underneath all of this is the bulk of the work, the coordination of vehicles with parking facilities, charging networks, and drivers. This means fluent communication with the parking facility, sorting out empty parking spaces and whether charging stations are available.

But before you get too excited about seeing this quickly in your own hands, note that Hyundai and Kia say its technology needs to be level 4 autonomous ready and that won’t be until around 2025. …

That said, both companies plan to start commercializing AVs in smart cities by 2021, and the final goal is to launch fully autonomous vehicles by 2030. 

Reference- Clean Technica,

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