Wi-Fi To Power Your Smartphones In Near Future

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Right now, electromagnetic signals are probably bouncing around the room between your phone, laptop, and other internet-connected devices.

For researchers looking for ways to power small, flexible wearables or medical devices, these Wi-Fi signals are a promising alternative to batteries — thanks to a new device that can pick up Wi-Fi and convert it to useable electricity.

The technology to build these devices, called rectennas, has been around for some time. But this is the first time that a flexible rectenna can generate a practical amount of electricity, according to research published Monday in the journal Nature.

Most importantly, the new rectennas are the first that are cost-effective to manufacture at a large scale and the first that can pick up Wi-Fi signals at high enough frequencies to actually power devices, like LEDs or a small device’s circuitry, say the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers who invented them.

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