Rumpl Is Recycling 3 Million Plastic Bottles In Creating NanoLoft

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Rumpl, the producer of the original puffy down blanket, proudly proclaim that it will be switching to using post-consumer recycled content for its products.

The move will see the shells of its down products being made with around 60 post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

A new line of products using a new insulation called NanoLoft lets buyers enjoy a puffy insulator that’s made using recycled products on the inside and out.

The shift to using post-consumer recycled plastic feedstock translate to Rumpl recycling 3 million plastic bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill by the end of 2019 alone.

NanoLoft, the new insulation, is the first down alternative ever to grace the space between the fabric in a Rumpl product and brings its own bundle of innovation to the table.

Most traditional down alternatives pass on down in favor of spun synthetic insulators that come with a very uniform texture.

NanoLoft, on the other hand, mimics the clumpiness of down with its own clusters of synthetic fibers. This allows it to create warm pockets of air while carrying forward the compressibility of down and the wet-weather insulation characteristics of synthetic fabrics.

By switching to using post-consumer recycled materials for its fabrics, Rumpl was able to create a market for post-consumer recycled products and to virtually eliminate the need for new virgin plastic fibers in its products.

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