EcoFlow’s DELTA Battery: A Zero Carbon Alternative To Gasoline Generators

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EcoFlow was founded in 2016 with the specific purpose of making gas-powered backup generators obsolete. This week, the company announced its new DELTA battery, which it says is the most powerful backup battery on the market.

The new DELTA backup battery weighs about 30 pounds — far lighter than any standard gas powered generator you are likely to find.

It has a capacity of 1300 Wh and continuous AC output of 1800 watts, which is equivalent to about 16 amps

The DELTA features four regular USB ports, two 60-watt USB-C ports, and six 110 volt wall outlets for US customers. For European customers, it comes with four 220 volt wall outlets.

DELTA can even recharge your Tesla.

Recharging to 80% SOC takes just one hour from an ordinary wall outlet or two hours to 100% SOC, thanks to the company’s proprietary X-Stream charging technology.

Rugged, lightweight, zero maintenance, and with no carbon emissions, the EcoFlow DELTA is priced lower than many gas-powered backup generators. 

The 1800 watt unit is available now for $799. (Rs.57,500/- at today’s dollar rate). The company expects to begin shipping the DELTA in December.

Reference- Clean Technica, DELTA website

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