Human Textile: A Yarn Made From Human Flesh

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A team of researchers at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux have grown yarn from human skin cells that they call a “human textile” — and they say it could be used by surgeons to close wounds or assemble implantable skin grafts.

It has been previously shown that sheets of cell-assembled extracellular matrix (CAM), which are entirely biological yet robust, can be mass-produced for clinical applications using normal, adult, human fibroblasts.

CAM yarns can be generated with a range of physical and mechanical properties. This material can be used as a simple suture to close a wound or can be assembled into fully biological, human, tissue-engineered vascular grafts (TEVG) that have high mechanical strength and are implantable.

These human textiles offer a unique level of bio-compatibility and represent a new generation of completely biological tissue-engineered products.

The key advantage of the gruesome yarn is that unlike conventional synthetic surgical materials, the material doesn’t trigger an immune response that can complicate the healing process.
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To create it, the researchers cut sheets of human skin cells into long strips — and then “wove” them into a yarn-like material that can be fabricated into a variety of shapes.

Moreover, by combining this truly “bio” material with a textile-based assembly, it becomes highly versatile and can produce a variety of strong human textiles that can be readily integrated in the body.

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