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Tapping Into The Indian EV Charging Market

EV Charging (Electric Vehicle) infrastructure plays a pivotal role in mass adoption of EVs and in the absence of

EV charging station

Opening Of EV Charging Station “Made Easy” In India

The government is preparing to bring about 1.6 million electric vehicles (EV) on the roads soon so it is

ev charging

EV Charging Solution That Comes Out Of The Sidewalk When You’re Ready To Charge

An elegant EV charging solution that doesn’t result in cables being strewn all over sidewalks and curbs is critical

EV charging

‘PlugNgo’- First Public EV Charging Station Of Delhi

The first public e-vehicle (EV) charging station in Delhi was inaugurated on Saturday. The e-vehicle charging-station is set-up under

EV charging

EV Charging Stations Are ‘All Set To Sail’

BloombergNEF’s latest Long-Term Electric Vehicle Outlook predicts that EVs sales will experience a smaller dip than traditional auto sales

EV charging

EV Charging Tariff Fixed For Public & Domestic Charging

The Power Ministry in its new amendment has capped the ‘per unit cost’ of electricity to be used for

Tata AutoComp

Tata AutoComp & Tellus Power Sign MOU For Setting Up EV Charging Stations

Tata AutoComp Systems said it has tied up with US-based Tellus Power Green to set up electric vehicle charging

wireless charging

Wireless Hands Free EV Charging For Fleet Operators

Wireless EV charging would be a nifty convenience for personal electric vehicle owners, and it looks like auto makers

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