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Blending Farming With Solar, 186% More Efficient: A Study

For many people, solar power is seen as a threat to farming communities. That’s because they believe farmers must

A Solar Conversion Efficiency Record Of 41.4% Achieved

Concentrated solar power is showing promise in some large scale applications. It It uses lenses and curved mirrors to

Perovskite-Silicon Solar Cell Sets A New World Record

UK perovskite solar firm Oxford PV said on Monday it has reached a conversion efficiency of 27.3% for a

Agrophotovoltaic Farming : Combining Solar With Agriculture

There is an increasing competition for land between farmers and renewable energy advocates. Why not make the land support

“Solar Cells that Cost Little More than a Pane of Glass”

If all works out well, practically any facility that manufactures glass could churn out low cost perovskite solar cells

Smart Solar Greenhouse- Generate Electricity & Grows Foods Too

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, have created new solar panel technology they call Wavelength Selective Photovoltaic

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