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Tesla’s Pseudo-Lidar Achieves Lidar Accuracy

Tesla’s progress with artificial intelligence and neural nets has propelled its Autopilot and Full Self Driving solutions to the

Self-Driving Cars Are Possible Without LiDARs

Lidar is a technology similar to radar that uses light instead of radio waves to gather information about the

LiDAR Tech For Identifying Rooftops To Install Solar Plants

Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), a non-profit think tank, is building a tool that can

NIWE And MNRE To Set Up 5 More LiDAR Stations

The National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) is setting up five more LiDAR to generate wind data so as

NIWE Has Installed LiDAR For Assessment Of Offshore Wind

Most of renewable energy projects in the country are being implemented by the private sector developers selected through a

Lidar lights up India

The Global Wind Energy Council’s (GWEC’s) Fowind consortium has commissioned India’s first offshore lidar in the Gulf of Khambhat,


Sony Is Testing Its Own 536 Hp Electric Car Prototype In Austria

Just one year after Sony shocked the automotive community with the launch of its Vision-S electric car at CES

Lucid – The Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle In The World

Lucid Motors, has unveiled four cars globally which also marks the launch of the newest rival to Tesla electric

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