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Rolls Royce Is Trying To Make History By Building The World’s Fastest Electric Plane

Rolls Royce announced plans to fly an in-development electric airplane over Great Britain in 2020, reaching a top speed

“Extra Aircraft 330LE” -The Two-Seat Electric Airplane

The Extra Aircraft 330LE that has just joined the acrobatic electric air race. It may not end up as

New Refillable Batteries For Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are easier on the environment than their gasoline-powered counterparts, but their long charging times and the scarcity

An All-Electric Excavator With A 3.4 Ton Battery Pack

Personal vehicles aren’t the only kind going electric — we’ve already reported on all-electric planes, garbage trucks, and even cargo

An Airplane With No Moving Parts Takes Flight

An airplane with no moving parts has flown a distance of 60 meters. Is that a big deal? Yes

Mahindra Group To Launch Electric Kick Scooters

Chairman Anand Mahindra is looking at leveraging the strength and experience of San Francisco-based shared electric mobility firm Scoot

GE Using “Waste” Fuel For Electricity Generation

GE Power has teamed up with local electricity producer Marinus Energy in a new project in western Ghana, to

Siemens trying to be the Electric Aircraft Industry Standard

The German international giant seems to be everywhere from trains to electric vehicle (EV) motors to electric aircraft, Siemens

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