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northvolt-hydro JV

Northvolt-Hydro JV To Recycle EV Batteries

Swedish lithium-ion battery manufacturer Northvolt and Norwegian aluminum producer Hydro have formed a new partnership (JV) to recycle Electric


Mutant Enzyme That Recycles Plastic Waste In 1 Hour

Carbios has created a mutant bacterial enzyme that breaks down plastic bottles for recycling in hours. This was originally


Tiruppur – A Hub For Recycled & Sustainable Fashion

Use of recycled fibers and fabrics and green initiatives are now being discussed to a great extent among garment


Umicore To Recycle Audi E-tron EV Batteries

How to recycle Electric vehicle (EV) batteries has been a topic of discussion for years, but it took some


The Big Dirty Secret: Wind Blades Can Not Be Recycled

We know wind power is generated via massive fiberglass blades, each of which can be longer than a Boeing

Plastic Asphalt: Makes It Possible To Recycle Roads

The City of Angels, USA, is working with a startup called TechniSoil Industrial, to repave one of its downtown

Proctor & Gamble Has Perfected A Process That Results In ‘Recycled Polypropylene’

Proctor & Gamble uses a lot of plastic in its business, much of it for containers and packaging. Many

The World Is Embracing Recycled Electronics

Companies are using leading research and innovation in recycling and design to bring recycled plastics back into production of

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