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Tesla To Construct Virtual Solar Power Plant

Australia — with its abundant sunshine — has already been a leader in rooftop solar, but the country also

First Energy Storage Virtual Power Plants in Japan

Japan is currently busy in redesigning the country’s nearly-300 GW electricity market. The restructuring will promote renewable energy and


Recycling Plants Are Catching Fire Due To Lithium Batteries

In December of 2016 a massive recycling plant in Texas caught fire and all the firefighters could do was

Japan’s Smart Energy Excellence Award Goes To Tesla Powerwall

Tesla’s Powerwall battery has won Japan’s Smart Energy Excellence Award. This is just one more award in Tesla’s vast

Bloom Energy & EnergyPower To Produce Zero Carbon Electricity From India’s BioWaste

Bloom Energy and EnergyPower, today announced a joint effort to deploy an integrated solution for supplying clean, reliable power

UP to adopt Gujarat Model for Solar Power Generation

The Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has decided to utilize its canals for generating solar power. It also plans to set

Solar & Sonnen Batteries to Power 3000 Arizona Homes

German battery maker Sonnen GmbH on Thursday said it would partner with home builder Mandalay Homes to outfit 3,000

World’s Biggest Solar Thermal Power Plant

Australian state government has greenlit the biggest solar thermal power plant of its kind in the world, a 150-megawatt

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