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Uravu Labs : Creating Water From Thin Air By Using Sun

The idea of extracting water from water vapour has been around for a while, but can it be powered

Drinking Water from Thin Air – Its REAL

Big problems need big solutions. But big and effective solutions might not be that complicated. I had heard about

Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems: Creating Fresh Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

Akvo Atmospheric Water Systems has been working since 2016 to design and manufacture a product which would utilize the


Innovative – Using Solar To Extract Water From Dry Air

Researchers at MIT and elsewhere have significantly boosted the output from a system that can extract drinkable water directly


Saving Honeybees From Air Pollution

A new study has found that air pollution is a major threat to honeybees. In the new study from


Air-gen: Generating Renewable Energy ‘Out of Thin Air’

Air-gen, a special paint on your house that also powers your lights using renewable energy drawn from the air.


Reforestation May Reduce Local Water Availability By 40%

According to a new study by University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute though their is no denying fact that

harbour Air

Harbour Air: World's 1st Electric Seaplane Flight

Aviation history was made on December 10th when Harbour Air Seaplanes took to the sky with a converted electric

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