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A Billion Tons of Carbon Will Be Added By Just One Countries Wildfire

Between March 2018 and March 2019, Australia pumped 540 million tons of green house gases into the atmosphere from human-made

Climate despair

Don’t Fall For ‘Climate Despair’ Everything Is Still Not Lost

Massive wildfires, dangerous storms, and record-breaking temperatures along with pandemic, all had hit the planet in 2020 making last

forest fires

Act Now, Else Forest Fires Are Likely To Engulf Even The Wet Forest

Tens of millions of years ago, the planet heated up to the point that forest fires ravaged the entire

Hurricane Paulette

“Zombie Storms” Are Becoming More Frequent Due To Climate Change

The year 2020 has one more trick up its sleeve: “zombie storms” – The storms which regain strength after


Fire Thunderstorms In California Look Like The Apocalypse Right Now

With wildfire smoke high aloft in the atmosphere, the sky was a sickly yellow yesterday, but today a thicker

Warming planet

Is Warming Planet Responsible For Extreme Weather Globally?

685,000 Americans are subject to mandatory evacuation orders this week — 385,000 in Texas, 200,000 in Louisiana, and 100,000

siberia zombie fires

Siberia is Again Experiencing ‘Zombie Fires’

Siberia is experiencing record high temperatures that are nearly 40 degrees Fahrenheit above average. Snow cover is disappearing, sea

climate emergency

Climate Change Is Killing Many More Than COVID, Yet We Are Silent?

Climate change just like viruses, do not respect national boundaries. In addition to being responsible for some seven million

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