Author: Roshan

India’s Most Water Vulnerable Megacities

Just because your city suffered floods doesn’t mean you have water. Ask Chennai where 11 million are going without

Cleanmax Solar To Invest Rs.600 Cr. For Captive Solar Farm In Haryana

Cleanmax Solar is setting up 150 MW of solar farm under the group captive model in Haryana with an

Plasticrust: A New Form Of Plastic Pollution

Researchers have identified a new, and perhaps more permanent type of plastic pollution, one that incorporates itself right into

Haryana Is Enjoying The Sunny Side Up

Since the city installed its first solar power panel under its grid-connected solar rooftop policy, Haryana Solar Power policy,

Mahindra Susten Gets Equity Investment From Mitsui & Co.

Mahindra Susten subsidiary Marvel Solren has received equity investment from Japan’s Mitsui & Co.. Mahindra Susten has sold a

GE To Close Natural Gas Plant 20 Years Ahead Of Schedule

General Electric (GE) has decided to close the Inland Empire natural gas plant in California, a whole 20 years

Carbon Footprint: The Hidden Costs Of War

With an armed force of more than two million people, 11 nuclear aircraft carriers, and the most advanced military

India To See Major Growth In Domestic Solar Manufacturing

There is a mismatch between India’s ambitious target to increase its solar power generation capacity to 100 Gigawatt by

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