Author: Roshan

Technological Innovations Will Make Wind Energy More Competitive

Rapid technology developments have been a large driver of elevating wind to a competitive source of power generation globally. The

GNDTP Land To Be Used For Setting Up Of Solar Power Plant

Punjab Energy Development Authority (PEDA) has been authorised to take part in the bidding process for allotting the land

Suzlon To Sell 49% In Suzlon Global Services

Suzlon Energy is planning to sell up to 49% in its operations and maintenance subsidiary, Suzlon Global Services, in

Aston Martin Vintage Cars Being Launched As EVs

British automaker Aston Martin announced this week that it’s planning to offer a service in which it converts some of its

UNICEF’s Medical Drone Pilot Project For Vanuatu Islands

UNICEF, the Australian company Swoop Aero, and the German firm Wingcopter are collaborating on a three-month medical drone pilot

India Gearing Up For Deep Ocean Mining

The floor of the world’s seas is scattered with vast beds of black potato-shaped polymetallic nodules comprising copper, nickel,

Solar-Powered Drone That Can Fly Non-Stop For 1 Year

Engineers have created a solar-powered drone which can fly for up to a year before it requires maintenance. BAE

Solar Cells That Turn To Face The Sun The Way Sunflowers Do

Researchers at the Harvard Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences say they have

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