Author: Prasanna (Editor)

Chennai Water Crisis: A Reality Check For All…

In what’s becoming an increasingly common story, a major city has run out of water. Chennai, India is home

Saralweb: Riding The Renewable Energy Wave

Mr. Kaviraj Singh, MD, Saralweb is sharing, with Clean Future, his plans to ride the renewable energy wave by

Illusion: German Premium Giants Can Deliver A Tesla Like EV?

In the world of psychologists, an illusion is called a misperception, but it is not always about the senses

A Fabric That Can Automatically Cool Or Insulate Depending On Environment

Lots of gloves and hats promise high-tech thermal regulation but never, until now, has there been a fabric that

Amazon’s Prime Air: The Delivery Drone

Reference- Amazon, Clean Technica

Training Advance AIs Can Emit As Much Carbon As 5 Cars In Their Lifetimes

The artificial-intelligence (AI) industry is often compared to the oil industry: once mined and refined, data, like oil, can

World Environment Day: ‘Humans May Cease To Exist By 2050′

An analysis, published by the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, a think-tank in Melbourne, Australia, describes climate change

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