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Fleet electrification

Fleet Electrification – A Steep Climb Filled With Unforeseen Challenges

Fleet electrification at pilot scale is relatively simple: buy a vehicle, buy an inexpensive Level 2 charger, and you’re


Fasal’s Precision Farming IoT Devices Are Saving Billion Liters Of Water

From preventing mildew before its arrival to conserving water, Fasal’s devices are helping farmers adopt new ways. According to

Climate despair

Don’t Fall For ‘Climate Despair’ Everything Is Still Not Lost

Massive wildfires, dangerous storms, and record-breaking temperatures along with pandemic, all had hit the planet in 2020 making last

Azure Power

Azure Power Is Painting Green Energy With Red In Assam

Azure Power Forty Private Limited has bought 276 bighas of land from the erstwhile zamindar’s family who was originally


New Evidence – Microplastics Are Being Found In Human Placenta

This story is incredibly disturbing and comes with a trigger warning, I didn’t wanted to share this at the


Amazing – Japan Plans To Put A Wooden Satellite In Orbit By 2023

Japanese company, Sumitomo Forestry and Kyoto University have joined forces to develop what they hope will be the world’s


Half Of Antarctica’s Ice Shelves Could Collapse In A Flash

Half of Antarctica’s ice shelves could collapse in a flash, however, the time frame over which this process could

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