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India’s Renewable Energy Future

India is one of the few countries in the world blessed with different kinds of renewable energy sources. Of

A white paper on India solar and wind energy by CRISIL & PHD Chamber

By 2020, India’s solar and wind power sectors are expected to at least double1 their capacity from the current

Diesel to Solar – Motives and Means

Solar power has emerged as a viable alternative to diesel power generation for industrial and commercial units that run

Seed Paper – the Green Paper

Paper was invented around 100 BC in China, since its discovery it has been an integral part of our

Gram Orja Micro-grid

As per the Indian government’s rural electrification policy, a village is deemed ‘electrified’ if basic infrastructure such as distribution

Batteries types available for home energy storage

What battery types are available for home energy storage applications? Lead batteries Lead-type batteries (particularly lead acid) have been in widespread

Advancing Clean Energy Among Indian Businesses

The Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) India is an industry-led initiative launched by World Resources Institute India (WRI

Why flyovers in Chandigarh is unsustainable and will not solve traffic congestion?

Building a flyover to solve traffic congestion is literally like pouring kerosene to douse a fire and while it

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