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BlueCruise tech

BlueCruise Technology – Ford’s Answer To Tesla’s Autopilot

US carmaker Ford just announced its answer to Tesla’s Autopilot. The hands-free highway driving system, called BlueCruise, is making

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles – Moving From A Tiny Niche To A Full Fledged Revolution

It’s clear Electric Vehicle (EV) sales, both in the U.S. and globally, are increasing on a percentage basis faster


A New Type Of Battery That Can Charge In Just 10 Seconds

Scientists in Russia introduce a promising new material for battery energy storage, the product of more than three years


BYD Adopts LFP Chemistry Based Blade Batteries For All EVs

BYD is targeting drivers who want less expensive electric cars. Unlike Tesla and its Chinese rivals that focus on

Epsilon Advanced Materials Pvt

Epsilon – India’s First Manufacturer Of Lithium-ion Battery Parts

Vikram Handa, son-in-law of India’s biggest steel tycoon has set up Epsilon Advanced Materials Pvt — India’s first manufacturer

Mass Extinction

Mass Extinction On Cards – A 252 Million Year Old Event Might Be Repeating Itself

Climate change and rising temperatures are already causing a mass exodus away from the equator; this region is the


Delays In PSA Signing Is Jeopardizing Indian Renewable Dream

Delays in signing of power sale agreements (PSAs) are a bottleneck in the growth of renewable energy capacity in

Food Waste

Let’s Upcycle Food Waste To Save Planet…

Did you know that food waste accounts for more than 8% of all human-made greenhouse gas emissions? That amount

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