Author: Vartika

Trina Solar Expansion Strategy: EPC-Plus-Financing Or Buying Out Struggling Projects

Trina Solar is keen to expand its project development businesses in India by either partnering with large developers to

Indian Bank Investments Are Vulnerable To Climate Change & Environment

Fair Finance Guide India is a group of civil society organisations to create an ecosystem amongst financial sector actors

Hydrogen Revolution Comes To California Railways

Zero emission hydrogen-powered locomotives are edging onto the tracks in Europe and Asia, and now California is getting into

Largest Single Electric Bus Order In US: 130 BYD K7M Buses For Los Angeles

BYD and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation announced this week the largest electric bus contract in US history.

A Unique Six-Unit Dual Axis Solar Tracker Car Canopy

Burlingame, California, inaugurated a unique six-unit dual axis solar tracker car canopy at the Kahala Tower near the San

The Sky Is Falling On Electric Cars In China…

China began cutting back its electric car incentives dramatically early this year. The results have been predictable, as sales

C-CHANGE By Investing In Renewables, Where It Matters…

A new study from the Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment — aka C-CHANGE — shows that

Runit Dome Might End Up Becoming Our Tomb

Five thousand miles west of Los Angeles and 500 miles north of the equator, on a far-flung spit of

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