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Innovative – Hydrogen Can Be Extracted From Plastic Using Microwaves

Over the past several decades, plastic waste has been found in the snow atop the highest mountains and in

electric tractors

Solectrac – The Electric Tractor Company Sell 15% Stake For $1.3 Million

According to Research And Markets, the global agricultural tractor market is currently valued at $75 billion and poised for


Great – Delhi Government Approves 100+ E-Vehicles For Subsidy

The Delhi government has approved more than 100 models of e-vehicles, including 45 makes of e-rickshaw and 12 of

GM Driverless Car Does Its Job 95% Of The Time What About The Other 5?

Last week, the California DMV gave General Motors (GM) permission to test its Cruise fully-driverless car on the streets

solar PV-waste

Managing Solar PV-Waste At The End Of Useful Life

What will happen to over half-terawatt of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which have already been installed around the world


Kehua Launches New 4.167 MW Central Inverter Solution

Deeply involved in power electronics core technology for 32 years, Kehua has become the world-leading energy solution provider which

ocean electric SUV

Fisker Ocean – A New Electric SUV On The Block

Fisker announced that its upcoming Ocean electric SUV would be built by none other than Magna — a move

rooftop solar

Audi Factory Host New Largest Rooftop Solar System Of Europe

Audi Hungaria has just turned on the largest solar roof in Europe. The solar PV roof is the size

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