Category: Clean Talk

An All-Electric Excavator With A 3.4 Ton Battery Pack

Personal vehicles aren’t the only kind going electric — we’ve already reported on all-electric planes, garbage trucks, and even cargo

A Coalition Of Giant Brands Is Trying To Create A New Zer0-Waste Platform

The root cause of waste is not plastic, per se, it’s using things once, and that’s really what Loop

Rs.182 Cr. Given For Nitrogen Research In India

South Asian Nitrogen Hub to be led by UK’s Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Nitrogen pollution is an emerging

Ducati: The Future is Electric

Iconic Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati says that it’s not only working on an electric motorcycle, but that the bike

Coral Vita Is Building World’s First Commercial, Land-Based Coral Farm

Earth’s coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate. The importance of saving Earth’s coral reefs is hard to

Generating Electricity By Sucking Carbon From Atmosphere

Some researchers have suggested that the world could fight climate change by investing in machines that capture carbon from the

DOMIS: The Web Based Application

With water increasingly becoming a scarce commodity, farmers and other stakeholders in agricultural sector have been seeking novel ideas

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