Category: Environment


Climate Change – Pacific ‘Hot Blob” Kills A Million Seabirds

In 2013, scientists detected a large patch of water in the Pacific Ocean that was warmer than it should’ve


Reforestation May Reduce Local Water Availability By 40%

According to a new study by University of Cambridge Conservation Research Institute though their is no denying fact that


Living And Reproducing Concrete For Construction Industry

Scientists, at the University of Colorado Boulder in the US, have used bacteria to create a sustainable concrete that


Novameat’s Steak 2.0: The Most Realistic Plant Based Steak Till Date

Spanish startup Novameat has unveiled a plant-based steak it says is the “most realistic” yet — and it costs

Global warming

Global Warming Can Kill Tardigrades Too

Tardigrades are arguably the most resilient creatures in the known universe — and even they might not be able

wild fires

Confirmed: Wild Fires Are The Result Of Human-Induced Warming

A team of researchers from the University of East Anglia in the UK say that an analysis of 57


Oceans Are Receiving Five Hiroshima Bomb Worth Of Heat Every Second…

After analyzing data from the 1950s through 2019, an international team of scientists determined that the average temperature of the


Solar Prices Will Continue Their Downward Trend In 2020 Too…

Once an expensive curiosity, solar is now cost competitive and set to go lower. It couldn’t come at a

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