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biological battery

Innovative – Using Soil As A Biological Battery

In a park on the Spanish island of Ibiza, a prototype for new renewable energy isn’t a huge spinning

Radioactive Water

Disastrous – Fukushima Radioactive Water To Be Released In Pacific Ocean

After the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear generating station by a tsunami in 2011, more than 1 million ton

palm oil

DuPont N&B Is Developing Sustainable Palm Oil

Recently, the need for sustainable palm oil has become increasingly critical, as demand for vegetable oils – particularly palm

climate change

Alarming – Climate Change Is Creating Greater Chaos Than COVID-19

According to the World Economic Forum’s “The Global Risks Report 2020,” the effect of climate change is significantly more


LCCA – A New Methodology For A Carbon Free World

Julio Friedmann and his team of researchers at Columbia University’s Center for Global Energy Policy have devised a new


New Funding – CO2 & Ocean Acidification Research Receive $1 Million Grant

Carbon dioxide and ocean pH are key indicators of global warming, so philanthropists Eric and Wendy Schmidt have announced

solar PV-waste

Managing Solar PV-Waste At The End Of Useful Life

What will happen to over half-terawatt of solar photovoltaic (PV) modules which have already been installed around the world

hydrogen technology

Hydrogen Technology Is Gaining Traction In India

Even as the country aims to reduce fossil fuel-based emissions by building renewable energy capacity it is simultaneously exploring

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