Category: Environment

Some Positive Environmental Stories

The past year hasn’t been the best one for the environment. Global carbon emissions jumped to an all-time high

88% Graphene Yield From Discarded Dry Cell Batteries

Graphene, a form of carbon, is transparent and flexible conductor with a range of applications including in making solar

India’s First Solid Waste Management Park Opens In HSR Layout.

The SwachaGraha Kalika Kendra, dubbed as India’s first solid waste management park, opened for the public at HSR Layout,

A “Demand-Supply Mismatch” For Eco-Friendly Carry Bags

Though the ban on use of plastic carry bags has already come into force in Bihar, the comparatively higher

Sahaja Samrudha : India’s Answer To ‘Patent-Free’ Seed Farming

In India, the seed marketplace is often manipulated by the middleman, making it impossible for local farmers to secure

Kochi Water Metro : The Feeder Service To The Kochi Metro Rail

Kerala’s waterways are gearing up for a surge in electric-powered vessels with the tenders floated shortlisting four firms for

“Cockroach-Feeding Plant” : The Environment- Friendly Approach To Food Waste Management ;o)

As China’s cities grow, they’re having trouble fitting all the food waste into landfills so they have come up

$2 Billion Being Mobilized For ‘Green Construction Financing’

In an effort to transform overseas construction markets, UK Government and the International Finance Corporation announced they were committing

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