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Climate Change

Climate Change – Let’s Let Venice Sink?

The predicted increases in climate change vulnerability of heritage sites are alarming. The question is- How much effort should


Why Nearly 140,000 Birds Might Die At Solar Farms?

Utility companies have been finding bird carcasses littering the ground at their facilities for years, a strange and unexpected


Greenhouses With Tinted Semi-Transparent PV Modules Increases Plant Productivity

Creating greenhouses with tinted semi-transparent PV modules could result in gross financial gains of 2.5% for basil and 35%

Chemical Recycling-

Chemical Recycling – Beware Of False Promise From Plastic Industry

The fossil fuel industry has touted chemical recycling as a solution to the plastic crisis, amid an overwhelming plastic

PPE kits

PPE Kits – A New Environmental Threat

Personal protective equipment (PPE) has emerged as a significant life-saver in 2020 and has become a household term in

solar panels toxic waste

Is Solar Energy Really Clean?

Solar panels have been heralded as the alternative to fossil fuels for decades. In the age of emissions trading


E.ON, Thyssenkrupp To Extract Carbon-Free Hydrogen

Germany’s E.ON and Thyssenkrupp will make hydrogen available to the wholesale power market by pooling the output of 150


India To Assume BRICS Presidency In 2021

The Environment Ministers of the five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) participated in the 6th

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