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Outer – An Outdoor Furniture That Stays Clean & Dry All Year Long

A company called Outer is making outdoor furniture that’s as comfortable and high-quality as what you use indoors and

green hydrogen

Advantage Green Hydrogen – It Will Be A $12 Trillion Market By 2050

At present, most hydrogen for commercial use is obtained from natural gas, which in turn is produced by fracking.


COVID-19 Lockdown Resulted In A 20% Global NO2 Emission Reduction

According to NASA scientists the coronavirus lockdown has resulted in a 20 percent global reduction in nitrogen dioxide (NO2)


This Is How Plastic Is Changing The Marine Ecosystem…

Trillions of plastic debris fragments are afloat at sea, creating a previously-unknown habitat for microbial colonization. They are rapidly

Green Hydrogen

Green Hydrogen – The New Oil For Saudi Arabia In Near Future

Saudi Arabia is building a futuristic city called NEOM. This city will be powered by Green Hydrogen. The $500bn

Siemens Energy

Siemens Energy Will NOT Participate In New Tenders For Pure Coal-fired Power Plants

Siemens Energy, which builds steam turbines for power plants, will no longer take on new business to supply coal-fired

solar canal

Innovative – Solar Canals May Help India Reach 100 GW Target

India’s solar capacity reached 36.6GW in 2020, with the aim of growing it to 100GW by 2022 the Indian

Ocean Cleanup

Launch – Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses, Crafted From Ocean Plastic

The Ocean Cleanup project, a nonprofit that’s attempting to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch using specialized floating

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