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infrared tech

New Tech – Infrared Light Colors Can Be Captured By Standard Camera

A team of engineers built a system that lets people to see colors in the infrared spectrum — as


Alarming – No Water, For 350 Million People Globally, By 2050

From taps running dry to flooding, cities could face dramatically increased “water risks” unless urgent action is taken to

Radioactive Water

Disastrous – Fukushima Radioactive Water To Be Released In Pacific Ocean

After the destruction of the Fukushima nuclear generating station by a tsunami in 2011, more than 1 million ton


Milky Mist – Building Rural Economy Through Milk Products

India has the highest level of dairy production and consumption of all countries, with an annual output of 186,000


New Study – Fracking Also Releases Radioactive Particles

A part from destroying the environment, it turns out that fracking also releases radioactive particles in the air that


Fire Thunderstorms In California Look Like The Apocalypse Right Now

With wildfire smoke high aloft in the atmosphere, the sky was a sickly yellow yesterday, but today a thicker

Warming planet

Is Warming Planet Responsible For Extreme Weather Globally?

685,000 Americans are subject to mandatory evacuation orders this week — 385,000 in Texas, 200,000 in Louisiana, and 100,000


Microplastics Are Flooding Our Bodies

Microplastics are extremely pervasive throughout nature and have previously been found in the deepest points of our planet’s oceans,

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