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E-Cigarettes Might Help Smokers QUIT

There’s scientific evidence that says e-cigarettes not only make it easier to quit smoking than going cold-turkey, but also

New Bioactive Dental Filling Material Promises To Be Teeth-Friendly

A team of Indian scientists has developed a new technique that promises to help produce bioactive dental filling materials

Microbial Metabolite From Berries May Help Address Bowel Disease

A group of Indian researchers has found that a substance formed during the process of metabolism of berries and

A Paper Sensor That Can Detect Freshness Of Milk

Scientists at Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, have developed a simple paper kit that can test freshness of milk

How Air Pollution Is Adding To India’s Diabetes Burden

The ill-effects of air pollution on human health have been reported extensively. Some estimates attribute nearly one fourth of

Amazon may start delivering 100% Organic Foods Shortly

A few months ago, Amazon (AMZN) bought Whole Foods at a whopping $13.4 billion, with a promise to bring

Eco-friendly cosmetic brands in India

Today there are cosmetic brands in Indian market that are vegan, organic, not tested on animals and not laden

XD Design Solar Charger

XD Design solar chargers can charge mobile devices without having a power socket. One can simply capture energy from

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