Category: Innovations

Cleaning Toxic Effluents By Using Clay & Tea Waste Based Membrane

Scientists at CSIR- North East Institute of Science and Technology, Jorhat, have developed a ceramic membrane with the help

DSSC Are Both Cost Effective And Eco-Friendly

Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSSC) or Grätzel cells named after the Swiss chemist Michael Grätzel who was greatly involved in

World First Electrothermal Energy Storage System

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy last week inaugurated operations of its electrothermal energy storage system which can store up to

Curd-Peptide Based Novel Hydrogel For Wound Healing

With the increasing presence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the environment, there is a danger that the antibiotic ointments might

A Fabric That Can Automatically Cool Or Insulate Depending On Environment

Lots of gloves and hats promise high-tech thermal regulation but never, until now, has there been a fabric that

HomeBiogas: Using Food Waste To Make Fuel

Engie’s HomeBiogas has built up a solution that lets people generate methane wherever they are using just food scraps.

Korvaa Headphones: Made Entirely From Natural Materials

We have been made to believe that electronics devices like cellphones, laptops, headphones, and watches are inevitably reliant on

Making Fracking Greener And More Effective

Fracking is a process used to remove gas and oil from shale rock. It involves pumping a highly pressurized

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