Category: Innovations

Fisker Ocean Electric SUV: Reimaging Vehicle Ownership

Fisker looks to be heading towards production for its fully electric SUV, the Ocean, as the firm officially opened

Amazing: Amazon Never Had A QR Division Yet Has Launched Quantum Computing Service

Amazon never had its own quantum research (QR) division, even then today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the preview launch of Braket (named

Unorthodox: Using Sound To Restore Dead Coral Reef

British and Australian researchers rolled out another unorthodox strategy they say could help in restoration of dead coral reef.

Windshield Wipers Are A ‘Thing Of Past, Welcome Laser Wipers-Yes Really

If you thought that Tesla’s Cybertruck was futuristic, wait until you hear about this new technology that Tesla has

Converting Any Organic Household Waste Into Sustainable Bio-Based Materials

UBQ Materials, a Israel based company has discovered a revolutionary process that makes new, raw material out of all

Green Cement: MOC Can Be A Game-Changer For The Construction Industry

Concrete is the most widely used man-made material, commonly used in buildings, roads, bridges and industrial plants. But producing

Concentrated Solar Energy To Be Used For Making Cement, Steel, Glass…

A Bill Gates-backed startup called Heliogen just unveiled new technology that could help make the manufacturing industry carbon neutral.

Terra Nova Collection: Upcycling Canvas Fabrics From Military Camps

Bombay Trooper, a worldwide fashion and accessory store since 2013 recently launched the luxurious and premium, Terra Nova collection,

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