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Samsung's Artificial Humans Look Really REAL…

Since mid-December, Samsung has been teasing “artificial humans” through a project called NEON, promising to reveal details at the

BMW i4 Will Travel 600 Kms On Full Charge

BMW has begun releasing details about the i4 sedan it intends to bring to market in 2021. The new


ROCSYS: The Automated EV Charging Solutions Company

As the automotive world steadily moves towards self-parking and self-driving, charging automation becomes inevitable. The Netherlands based ROCSYS, a

solid polymer

Breakthrough: Solid Polymer – Recyclable & Self Healing Batteries

The latest battery breakthrough announcement comes from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champagne in form of a

World's largest Vanadium flow battery

Flow Battery Technology Is Gaining Traction And Funds

Currently, an absence of superior battery technology is impeding us in achieving the goal of protecting the environment with

Battery charging

A Possibility: Recharging Of Electric Vehicles In Just 10 Minutes

Long charging times are perceived as a major roadblock to owning an electric car. That factor alone is 98%

us army tech

U.S. Army Soldiers Generating Electricity While Walking

The U.S. Army recently awarded a $16.5 million contract to Robotic Research LLC for a sensor unit that fits

AppScooter: The Tesla Of Electric Scooters

The Etergo AppScooter is a Tesla of scooters. The name is perhaps the first giveaway of what makes it

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