Category: Innovations

New Bioactive Dental Filling Material Promises To Be Teeth-Friendly

A team of Indian scientists has developed a new technique that promises to help produce bioactive dental filling materials

Generating Electricity By Sucking Carbon From Atmosphere

Some researchers have suggested that the world could fight climate change by investing in machines that capture carbon from the

Perovskite Solar Panels Are Closer To Commercial Production

Solar panels today rely on silicon to generate electricity from the sun. The technology has been around for nearly

Lotus-Inspired Biodegradable Water Repellent Material Developed

A water-repelling, biodegradable material inspired by lotus leaves has been developed by a joint team of researchers from India,

World’s First Battery-Free Bluetooth® Sticker Sensor Tag

Israel-based semiconductor company Wiliot demonstrated a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth chip at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual retail expo. The chip

The Carbon-Capturing Plant Idea Won $3 Million

Our world is at a crossroads we need to do something, do something soon, to help the planet not

Germ Power: The Electricity-Producing Bacteria

Deep in mines, at the bottom of lakes, and even in your own gut, bacteria’s are hard at work

Most Portable ebike : The New Jack Rabbit Mobility eBike

Jack Rabbit Mobility is rolling onto the ebike scene with its compact ebike-scooter hybrid that does away with the

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