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Toyota To Supply Hydrogen Fuel Cells For The 14 Million Euro FCH2RAIL Project

Toyota has joined forces with the 14 million euro FCH2RAIL project to crowd diesel locomotives out of the sprawling


A New Type Of Battery That Can Charge In Just 10 Seconds

Scientists in Russia introduce a promising new material for battery energy storage, the product of more than three years

Aluminium-Air Battery

Aluminium-Air Battery Is Being Tested On Indian Roads

While Aluminium-Air battery (Al-Air) technology was thought to be at nascent stages of development, Indians have managed to plonk

structural battery

Structural Battery – Using Vehicle Body As Battery

Sweden’s Calmers University of Technology says it has made a breakthrough with the development of so-called structural battery. These

solid state battery

Solid State Batteries Are Closer To Reality

Volkswagen and Quantumscape claimed to have solved a key problem in the development of solid state batteries. Solid state

fusion reaction

World’s Largest Fusion Experiment Is Hunting For Fuel Mix

British engineers are preparing to test the fuel mix that could one day power the largest nuclear fusion experiment


Now Plants Will Send Emails When They Detect Pollution

MIT scientists are showing off engineered cyborg spinach that they say are capable of sending emails to their creators.

bluShift Aerospace

Amazing – bluShift Aerospace Launches Biofuel-Powered Rocket

The space startup bluShift Aerospace successfully launched a low-flying rocket on Sunday using a kind of fuel that the

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