Category: Innovations

TRIVAL: The First Unlimited Range Renewably Powered Ship

TRIVAL is the first generation of renewably powered ship that can travel around the globe without any need to

Tesla Builds Asia’s Largest Energy Storage System In Just Two Days

Tesla has just built-Asia’s largest energy storage system at Osaka’s extremely busy train station in Japan — in just

Shiok Meats: A Cell-Based Clean Meat Company

We’ve heard a lot about companies working on creating alternative meats and proteins – Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and

Finally! A DNA Computer That Can Actually Be Reprogrammed

A stark limitation to biological computers was that any code programmed into DNA couldn’t be rewritten which basically means

‘Self-Healing’ Flexible Electronics: A Step Closure To Reality

A new technique developed by a group of Indian and British researchers promises to overcome the problem of ‘circuits

ROR Hydropower: Dams Without Reservoirs Behind Them

New research from America’s national labs shows that smaller scale “run-of-river” hydropower (ROR) can provide just as much baseload

Sunslice Fusion: A Backpack Solar Charger

On-the-move power chargers have become even more versatile, thanks to Belgian startup Sunslice Solar, which has expanded its product

Using Solar To Turn Seawater Into Hydrogen Fuel

Running an electrical current through water splits it into oxygen and hydrogen, the latter of which can be used

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