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GM Is ‘Almost There’ With Its ‘Million Mile’ Battery

General Motors Co (GM) is “almost there” on developing an electric vehicle battery that will last one million miles


Tesla To Launch ” Million Mile” Battery

Electric car maker Tesla Inc plans to introduce a new low-cost, long-life battery in its Model 3 sedan in

solar chimney

A Solar Chimney With Enhanced Energy Efficiency

RMIT University researchers have energetically enhanced the safety aspect and designed a solar chimney optimized for a 6-fold increase


Tesla’s New Battery – Cell with a Tabless Electrode

Last November, Tesla filed for a patent on new battery cell technology that eliminates one or both of the

solar panels

Cooling Solar Panels With Passive Coolants

A new technique for cooling solar panels has been under development in Egypt. A mixture of water, aluminum oxide


Hybrid Perovskites Solar Cells That Can Withstand Heat

At Iowa State University, a research team is investigating hybrid perovskites that use inorganic materials like cesium in place


Brighsun’s Revolutionary 2000 Kms Range Li-S Batteries

If the claims are true, a set of engineers working for the Australian company Brighsun New Energy have created


ZAF Has Scaled-Up Nickel Zinc Rechargeable Battery Manufacturing

ZAF Energy Systems Inc. (ZAF)*, a developer of next-generation battery technology, and Wirtz Manufacturing (Wirtz), a global leader in

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