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Free Or Nearly Free Electricity In India Is Closer To Reality Than Ever…

Will we ever see a day of free or nearly free electricity in India? Probably Yes. This has already

Renewable + Storage + Safety, Is The Way Forward…

Over the past few years, rapid solar industry growth has powered the innovation and utilization of energy storage. The

Rice Bio-Parks Are A Possible Solution To Delhi’s Smog

Prof. M S Swaminathan, the father of Green Revolution, has objected to people blaming farmers for the smog and

Real Reason Behind Delhi Smog – Monsanto’s Profits, Not Diwali Or Parali Burning

Until a few years ago, when farmers in Punjab burnt the remnants of the rice crops the smoke was

Humans Are Going To Ruin Outer Space Too Unless…

Space explorations is the last true peaceful international collaboration on Earth. It requires an understanding that no one person,

Rooftop Solar + Storage: A Viable, Win-Win Solution For Consumers & DISCOMS Now

The declining cost of lithium-ion batteries, along with that of solar, is likely to change the future dynamics of

Why 100% EV Mobility Is Still A Far Fetched Dream In Indian Context?

Just imagine, you are in an Indian market to buy a scooter and you have the option of buying

Does Google Really Believe In Climate Change? Or It Is Just Clean Talk…

Google has been funding think tanks and lobbying organizations which actively fight against climate change legislation. Despite making noises

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