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Atleast For Now: Divert ‘National Clean Energy Fund’ For Clean Coal-Based Generation

India is marching forward with the renewable energy transition, which now accounts for over 13 per cent of the

Stop Lip-Service, Adapt Your Company To Climate Change

Climate change is no longer a distant concern for all but a few specialized companies; it’s an imminent reality

Carbon Capture Don’t Worth The Investment: An Analysis

An international team of researchers found that the worst renewable energy investments are equal to the best carbon capture

FAME II: Is Government Promoting Or Killing The EV Adoption?

The latest FAME II notifications, will be available for electric/hybrid cars only if they are less than Rs 15

BirthStrikers: It’s “Not Okay To Have Children” With Climate Catastrophe On The Horizon

Many young people are currently questioning whether it’s “okay to still have children” with climate catastrophe on the horizon.

Japan Is Building A ” Hydrogen Fuel Based Society”

Japan has embraced the hydrogen technology and aims to create the first “hydrogen society,” which also includes the use

Are Indian Villages Really Electrified?

India accounts for a third of the entire global population that lacks access to electricity. According to a report

Is It Time For The Next Great Flood?

If we continue to do what we are doing to address a warming climate, we might as well all

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