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Why The ‘EV Transition’ Is Being Slowed By Automakers…

To understand why BMW is trying to compare the 330e to the Model 3 in advertisements, why Ford is

Air Quality Index Went Up In the Air With A BOOM

No matter what the scientist, courts and the government says we enjoyed the Diwali with crackers. To hell with

GD Agrawal (1935-2018) : New Age King Bhagirath Who Died For Rejuvenating Ganga

Muktibodh in his magnum opus ‘Andhere Mein’ ( In The Darness) wrote ‘…the nation died / but we lived…’

Is MIT’s End Of The World Prediction Coming True?

While many in history have made apocalyptic predictions that have so far failed to materialize but a computer program

Circular Economy : A Must For Sustainable Earth

What most industries do right now is: Take, Make and Dispose. Extract resources, process them into products, dispose off

Cocoa Industry needs Sustainable Development Badly

The recently concluded “World Cocoa Conference” in Berlin saw stakeholders issuing a declaration to coordinate efforts to stamp out

Is Organic Food Really Better?

You might end up choosing the organic tomatoes over the conventional ones in a supermarket. They’re twice the price,

Can Moon Light Produce Electricity From Solar Panels ?

The answer is a definite YES, because Moonlight is nothing but reflected Sunlight. Solar pv panels do convert moonlight

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