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Future of Renewable Energy in India

Khyati Vyas, the Executive- Business Development at Chemtrols Solar Pvt. Ltd. expresses her opinion about the future of renewable

Pure Economics is Pushing Renewable Growth

America’s pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord might not be such a big setback as was feared initially.

Are Renewables Disrupting The Economics Of Energy?

It is no longer a far-fetched idea to think that the world is entering in to an era of

Is Renewable Energy Really Efficient?

Ever since we learned the art of making machines we have been obsessed with the idea of efficiency of

‘Make in India’ is not happening for Indians

India’s solar power generation capacity has already more than tripled in three years to over 12 gigawatt (GW) as

India bats for holistic approach towards climate change

India must continue to take a holistic approach towards climate change. In addition to investing in solar and wind

Falling Indian solar tariff, impacts globally

The Indian government’s striking policy shift towards renewable energy sources — away from more expensive and polluting fossil fuels

Solar and Electric Car’s will halt Fossil Fuel growth by 2020

An Imperial College and Carbon Tracker report which took into account the latest cost reduction projections for the green

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