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Convert Any Petrol Scooter To Electric In A Place Near You

Bangalore-based automotive startup Meladath Auto Components has in its portfolio, among other inventions, an electric conversion kit for petrol

FAME II Disrupts EV Two-Wheeler Market: 20% Decide To Shut Shops

India wants to go fully electric in the two-wheelers (up to 150cc) segment in the next six years. If

Honda e: A Cute, Practical, & Efficient Electric Car

The Honda e electric car is a perfect example of an efficient package that should be entertaining to drive

MG Motors EV Commitment: Tie-Up With Fortum Even Before The Product Is Launched

British iconic brand MG Motor will launch of its debut EV in India — the MG EZS global pure

Bio-Insecticides Being Developed From Neem Plant Extract

The neem plant, Azadirachta indica, is known to contain a potent phytochemical Azadirachtin-A (Aza-A) that can ward off several

First Pocket-Size Drones Deployed By US Army

Soldiers with the United States (US) 82nd Airborne Division will be the first infantry Army battalion to employ pocket-sized

An Anti-Corrosive Material Made From Mango Leaves

When exposed to the environment, the iron component in steel gradually develops rust due to the formation of oxides.

Biocoating: A Bacterial Spray For Conserving Decaying Monuments

The Salabat Khan tomb, located 125 kilometres from Aurangabad in Maharashtra, has been losing its shine and beauty due

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