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World Is Not Enough : A Rocket That Never Runs Out Of Fuel

A rocket that never runs out of fuel is ready to revolutionize space exploration. It’s called the World Is

Impossible Burger 2.0: Impossible To Differentiate Between Meat And Plant-Based Meat

Does a animal have to suffer for you to enjoy a lightly flame-charred exterior, and plenty of runny juices —

Drones That Don’t Have To Land For Charging

Wireless tech company Global Energy Transmission (GET) has found a way to use an electromagnetic field to keep drones

Rolls Royce Is Trying To Make History By Building The World’s Fastest Electric Plane

Rolls Royce announced plans to fly an in-development electric airplane over Great Britain in 2020, reaching a top speed

Foundation For Electric Vehicles Was Laid Way Back In 1887…

When Nikola Tesla invented the alternating current motor in 1887, he paved the way for the  of the electric

Tuk-Tuk : The Silent EV Revolution Of India

You would be surprised to know that more than 1.5 million electric tuk-tuks are currently plying on India’s roads.

Apeel: Innovation Rooted In Nature

The world wastes 30 percent of all produced food, the total cost of which adds up to about $2.6

Ather Energy looks to raise Rs 200-300 Cr For Expansion Drive

Tiger Global and Hero Motocorp backed Ather Energy plans to raise Rs 200 crore – Rs 300 crore over the next year to

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