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Biofuel Fans Are Looking At Cyanobacteria, As A Means, To Fix Carbon

The latest development in the world of Biofuel involves cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae, an organism that has been around


Praj Industries & Sekab to Supply Biofuel

Pune-based Praj Industries, a process, and project engineering company, recently signed a cooperation agreement with Sekab E-Technology AB, a


Biogas- A 80% Cheaper Option For Cooking Than LPG

One should opt for a biogas plant, an alternative which is not only cheaper but also safer and environment-friendly,


Human Textile: A Yarn Made From Human Flesh

A team of researchers at the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research in Bordeaux have grown yarn


Living And Reproducing Concrete For Construction Industry

Scientists, at the University of Colorado Boulder in the US, have used bacteria to create a sustainable concrete that

BMW Is Working On Biodigester Technology To Reduce Methane Emissions

Straus Family Creamery, based in Marshall, CA, is an organic creamery that makes products like butter, cream, milk, ice

Now Biodiesel Production Cost Is Dropping Below Fossil Fuel

A new report published by the National Academy of Sciences, offers a cost effective way to make biofuels that can

IOCL To Set Up New 2G Ethanol Plant At Panipat

Furthering the Government of India’s commitment in promoting the use of environmentally friendly products, the Ministry of Environment, Forest

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