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wave energy

Harnessing Wave Energy With flexWECs

Looking at the ocean one is awed by the power apparent in every wave. One way to harness the


Seaweeds To Restore Ocean Dead Zones

In 2019, the “dead zones” in the Gulf of Mexico — areas with too little dissolved oxygen in the


New Funding – CO2 & Ocean Acidification Research Receive $1 Million Grant

Carbon dioxide and ocean pH are key indicators of global warming, so philanthropists Eric and Wendy Schmidt have announced

Oscilla Power

Oscilla Power Working On A Wave Energy Pilot Project In Kerala

A US-based company, Oscilla Power, which claims to have developed a unique technology for harnessing energy by attenuating the

tidal power

Tidal Power Is Too Costly For India

India has given up on development of two tidal power plants. High costs associated with setting up tidal power


Shark Denticles Are Disappearing Due To Acidification Of Oceans

Sharks are covered in denticles (tiny, tooth-like scales), which provide the animal with a tough, protective layer—but are also

The Blue New Deal: A First Ocean Focused Plan From A Presidential Candidate

Elizabeth Warren just unveiled the Blue New Deal — a major package of environmental protections that focus on the

‘Blue Flag’ Certification For Indian Beaches

The Ministry has embarked upon a program for ‘Blue Flag’ Certification for select beaches in the country.   This Certification

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