Category: Sustainability

A Coalition Of Giant Brands Is Trying To Create A New Zer0-Waste Platform

The root cause of waste is not plastic, per se, it’s using things once, and that’s really what Loop

DOMIS: The Web Based Application

With water increasingly becoming a scarce commodity, farmers and other stakeholders in agricultural sector have been seeking novel ideas

Wind Energy Sector In India Stands At Crossroads Today

Close to 33 years after India set up its first wind energy demonstration project of 1.15 MW in 1986

Lotus-Inspired Biodegradable Water Repellent Material Developed

A water-repelling, biodegradable material inspired by lotus leaves has been developed by a joint team of researchers from India,

The Carbon-Capturing Plant Idea Won $3 Million

Our world is at a crossroads we need to do something, do something soon, to help the planet not

Germ Power: The Electricity-Producing Bacteria

Deep in mines, at the bottom of lakes, and even in your own gut, bacteria’s are hard at work

Be A Vegetarian And Make A Huge Difference In Your Carbon Footprint

Systemic change toward more plant-based diets is critical for avoiding catastrophic environmental damage, including climate change. Why? Animal food

Artificial“Holmene”Islands : The Sustainable Business Hubs Of Future

Authorities in Denmark plan to build nine artificial islands off the coast of Copenhagen with a total area of

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