Category: Sustainability

‘Blue Flag’ Certification For Indian Beaches

The Ministry has embarked upon a program for ‘Blue Flag’ Certification for select beaches in the country.   This Certification

Unorthodox: Using Sound To Restore Dead Coral Reef

British and Australian researchers rolled out another unorthodox strategy they say could help in restoration of dead coral reef.

Procter and Gamble India Sets-Up Rs 200 Crore “Environmental Sustainability Fund”

Procter & Gamble (P&G) India has set up a Rs 200-crore fund that would partner and invest in companies

Tell Amazon to STOP polluting our planet with single-use plastic packaging!

If you are one of Amazon’s 100 million+ customers you have probably received your fair share of unnecessary plastic

Emissions Gap Report 2019 Paints A Bleak Future

According to the tenth edition of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Emissions Gap Report which provides the latest

Nature’s Solution to Climate Change: Let The Whales Live

If we want to halt or even reverse global warming, we need to find a way to get carbon

Preparations By India To Combat Climate Change

Climate change is a global challenge and requires efforts by all nations based on the principle of Common but

Converting Any Organic Household Waste Into Sustainable Bio-Based Materials

UBQ Materials, a Israel based company has discovered a revolutionary process that makes new, raw material out of all

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