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Kshitih Foundation

Kshitih- Creating A Sustainable Journey Towards Horizons

Clean Future is in conversation with Manasi Jaiswal, Founder & CEO, Kshitih Foundation, who left the cabin comfort of


Ford & Mobileye Are Working On Self-Driving Systems

Alongside Argo.AI, Ford is also working with Mobileye — which is owned by Intel — on self-driving systems. According


Soft Solid Electrolyte- A Solution For Lithium Battery Dendrites

The bane of battery scientists are little things called dendrites — little spikes of lithium that can pierce battery


An Innovative Self-Replicating Radiation-Shield For Human Deep-Space Exploration

The greatest hazard for humans on deep-space exploration missions is radiation. To protect astronauts venturing out beyond Earth’s protective

air pollution

Air Pollution -The Invisible Killer

A link between exposure to air pollution and vascular (heart) damage has been found in a new study. Although

Plastic Recycling

Work Begins On A New Transformative Plastic Recycling Technology

The US Department of Energy earmarked $11.6 million for a new high-impact R&D effort called the Center for Plastics

plant-based meat

Intriguing Plant-Based Meats Sell Better In The Meat Section

A study conducted by Kroger, one of America’s largest grocery chains, and the Plant Based Foods Association found that


Weed Plant Being Used To Make Cheese & Wine

Scientists at South Ural State University (SUSU) have discovered that the extract of a common weed plant, Bidens pilosa,

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