Category: Sustainability

IIT Delhi’s Eco-friendly innovations

Here’s how IIT Delhi’s innovations are going to making India and the world a better place – Nasofilter –Technology Development

Green Businesses from “City The Earth Needs”

In 1968 somewhere between Pondicherry and Chennai, a group of about 200 people gathered together on a barren plateau

India bats for holistic approach towards climate change

India must continue to take a holistic approach towards climate change. In addition to investing in solar and wind

Unilever focuses on Sustainable Sourcing

The agriculture sector is vital – to the world, and to Unilever’s business. The world needs to double food

II’nd generation Bio-Ethanol refineries projects are a Priority

At the periodic review meeting between the Prime Minister and Union Ministers, Modi said that projects to build second-generation

World’s Migration towards RE- A Progress Report

Some countries are making rapid progress in increasing the share of renewable energy in their electricity generation, other countries,

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) invests $35 million on AIs

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI), founded in 2015 is collaborating with Stanford University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the

AMU’s path-breaking research in nano-tech and solar energy

The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), a nearly 100-year-old institution, has taken up fresh scientific research projects on how to

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