Category: Sustainability

Centralized Processing Units in Aurangabad for Waste Disposal

Maharashtra Urban Development Mission Directorate as part of a set of distinct measures, will be implementing via Aurangabad Municipal

Scientists Develop Bio-Fortified Maize

Researchers at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have developed a maize variety which is rich in both Vitamin

Forests and Sustainable Cities

According to the UN, forests and trees store carbon, which helps mitigate the impacts of climate change in and

Dhanuka Agritech : Promoting Sustainable Use of Water

Dhanuka Agritech Limited, India’s leading Agrochemicals Company in association with Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI)

Products That Can Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

Reducing one’s plastic footprint has become the need of the hour. While doing this can be a challenge, it

MNRE to set up 65,000 Biogas Plants under NBMMP

The National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) aims at setting up of family type biogas plants for providing

Mat baits, hooks and destroys Pollutants in Water

A polymer mat developed at Rice University has the ability to fish biologically harmful contaminants from water through a

Tetra Pak’s Commitment to Water Sustainability

Water sustainability is one of the most critical issues affecting humankind. With water supply, there are essentially two camps:

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