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AgriVijay- A Unique Platform For Renewable Energy Based Agri-Products

An Agritech start up, ‘AgriVijay’ is empowering farmers and making them future-ready by providing a plethora of renewable energy products

biological battery

Innovative – Using Soil As A Biological Battery

In a park on the Spanish island of Ibiza, a prototype for new renewable energy isn’t a huge spinning

Factory ZERO

Inspiring – GM’s Factory ZERO – Towards A Zero-crashes, Zero-emissions & Zero-congestion Future

Reaffirming its continued commitment to a zero-crashes, zero-emissions, and zero-congestion future, General Motors today announced the rebranding of the


Innovative – Hydrogen Can Be Extracted From Plastic Using Microwaves

Over the past several decades, plastic waste has been found in the snow atop the highest mountains and in


UBS Predicts That Price Premium On EVs Will Disappear Completely By 2024

According to the 29th largest bank in the world, UBS, there are not many reasons left to buy an


Milky Mist – Building Rural Economy Through Milk Products

India has the highest level of dairy production and consumption of all countries, with an annual output of 186,000

electric tractors

Solectrac – The Electric Tractor Company Sell 15% Stake For $1.3 Million

According to Research And Markets, the global agricultural tractor market is currently valued at $75 billion and poised for

battery recycling

Recycling – Building A Future For Greener EV Batteries

Battery recycling is essential if we are to keep hazardous materials from entering the waste stream during the EV

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