Category: Technology

India’s First Hydrogen-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fuel Station

Indian Oil Corporation has commissioned India’s first Hydrogen-Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel dispensing station at its research & development

Mauritius Is Making Electricity From Sugarcane

The island nation of Mauritius, , which is a small island a bit to the East of Madagascar, has little

Fluoride Battery Breakthrough By Focusing On Negative

Fluoride batteries are capable of being 10 times more energy dense than lithium batteries. But until now, they needed

Aston Martin Vintage Cars Being Launched As EVs

British automaker Aston Martin announced this week that it’s planning to offer a service in which it converts some of its

MIT’s “Sun In A Box”

Much of the world’s electricity is generated in real time — power plants fuel our homes when we need

UNICEF’s Medical Drone Pilot Project For Vanuatu Islands

UNICEF, the Australian company Swoop Aero, and the German firm Wingcopter are collaborating on a three-month medical drone pilot

Solar-Powered Drone That Can Fly Non-Stop For 1 Year

Engineers have created a solar-powered drone which can fly for up to a year before it requires maintenance. BAE

Intel Wants To Address Fireworks Pollution With Drone Light Shows

Fireworks have been around for centuries. They create a lot of pollution and noise but people all over the

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