Category: Waste Management

Shocking Fact: 15 Informal E-Waste Processing Units In Delhi NCR

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams globally and India generates more than two million tonnes of

Lithium Battery Recycling: A $1000 Million Opportunity For Indians

The Indian Government has set up an ambitious electric mobility target. The only hindrance for the EVs is high

Two Strains Of ‘Single-Use-Plastic-Eating’ Bacteria Discovered

Researchers at Shiv Nadar University in Greater Noida have discovered two strains of ‘plastic-eating’ bacteria from the wetlands of

Bloom Energy & EnergyPower To Produce Zero Carbon Electricity From India’s BioWaste

Bloom Energy and EnergyPower, today announced a joint effort to deploy an integrated solution for supplying clean, reliable power

Lachung: A Himalayan Village Which Has Banned The Single-Use Plastics

Cities across India, which have a population of 1.3 billion people, are struggling to deal with plastic waste. Plastic

Proctor & Gamble Has Perfected A Process That Results In ‘Recycled Polypropylene’

Proctor & Gamble uses a lot of plastic in its business, much of it for containers and packaging. Many

Work On Kerla’s Rs 250 Cr. Waste-To-Energy Plant To Start By Year-End

Preliminary construction work of the proposed waste to energy plant (WTE) at Njeliyanparambu trenching ground to be set up

Karo Sambhav: An Effort To Collect & Optimize Recycling Processes Of Plastic Waste

Sweeping restrictions on single use plastic bottles could have a far reaching impact on the way companies sell water

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