Category: Waste Management

Mauritius Is Making Electricity From Sugarcane

The island nation of Mauritius, , which is a small island a bit to the East of Madagascar, has little

ITC (Chennai) – The Green Printing Company Of The Year

ITC Limited – Packaging and Printing Division (Chennai) is the Green Printing Company of the Year. It won the

Green Technique To Convert Plaster Of Paris Waste Into Useful Products

A team of scientists has developed a technique that promises to help recycle Plaster of Paris waste from hospitals

Kerala : Facilitating Scientific Waste Management Practices

Kerala, being a high density population state (860 people per sq. km), managing bio and non -biodegradable waste is

Floral Waste From Religious Center Is Adding Color To Khadi

Have you ever wondered what happens to the mounds of flowers, that are presented as offerings to deities, in

How Will India Dispose 175 GW Of Solar Panels At The End-Of-Life?

What will happens to all the “green” infrastructure in India when it reaches the end of its life? Is

Companies Are Waking Up To Sustainable Packaging In India Too

India produces an estimated 62 million tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, a figure which is likely to reach

A Purple Bacteria That Can Turn Your Poop Into Power

Thanks to a purple photosynthetic bacteria, we can convert our poop into hydrogen and carbon energy sources. In a research

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