A Purple Bacteria That Can Turn Your Poop Into Power

Thanks to a purple photosynthetic bacteria, we can convert our poop into hydrogen and carbon energy sources. In a research

StorEn’s Vanadium Flow Battery Is Being Put To Independent Test

Vanadium flow batteries are viewed by some as the front runner for energy storage solutions because of their reliability

Transgenic Rice With Reduced Arsenic Accumulation Developed

Arsenic accumulation in rice grains is one of the serious agricultural issues in India. To address this, researchers at

IKEA Is Working On Environment-Friendly Solutions To Straw And Stubble Burning

According to estimates from the NITI Aayog, roughly 39 million tonnes of paddy straw is burnt annually in Haryana,

Renewable Energy Growth Is Being Driven By Tech Giants

Can You Believe? IT & Aviation Industry Have The Same Carbon Footprint. Publicly traded tech companies are under pressure

Gates Foundation Bets Big On Next-Generation Sanitation Solutions

More than half of the world’s population uses unsafe sanitation facilities. Even in places where people have access to

Gannawarra Solar Power Plant Gets 50 MWh Tesla Grid-scale Battery

60 MW Gannawarra solar power plant north of Melbourne in the Australian state of Victoria received a 25 MW/50

Renewable Energy Sector Seems To Be Going The Thermal Way…

Until now, the renewable energy sector, including solar and wind power, was financed by banks, venture capital funds, among

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