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Li-Cycle – Trying To Solve Global Battery Recycling Problem

New Flyer, a bus manufacturer (including both New Flyer Industries Canada ULC and New Flyer of America Inc.), has


An Indian Bio-Organic Battery That Gives 450 KM Range In 10 Minutes

Nexus Power, Bhubaneswar has developed rechargeable, bio-organic and bio-degradable batteries for electric two and three-wheeler from crop residue. For


Addressing The Huge Battery Recycling Mess

Batteries might be far better for the environment than fossil fuels, but they need disposing of at the end

battery recycling

Recycling – Building A Future For Greener EV Batteries

Battery recycling is essential if we are to keep hazardous materials from entering the waste stream during the EV


Umicore Gets €125 Million EIB Loan For Battery Facility

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has signed a €125 million loan with Umicore, the Belgian-based global materials technology and

lead poisoning

Lead Poisoning – The Downside Of Solar Proliferation

Fast-growing nations like India are expected to rapidly increase use of planet-warming fossil fuels, and so adoption of renewable


Managing Batteries In The Era Of e-Mobility

The growth in deployments of lithium batteries will inevitably create a large flow of retired or used batteries. Today


Recycling Plants Are Catching Fire Due To Lithium Batteries

In December of 2016 a massive recycling plant in Texas caught fire and all the firefighters could do was

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