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Harvard Forest Are Capturing Atmospheric Carbon At Double Rate

Climate change has increased the productivity of forests, according to a new study that synthesizes hundreds of thousands of

Climate Change

Climate Change Can Be Mitigated By Using Rock Dust

In order to prevent climate catastrophe we need to remove much of the carbon dioxide that is already in

carbon capture

A New Carbon Capture Tech For Power Plant Emissions

There is certainly no substitute for transitioning to zero-emission energy sources, the carbon capture tech could be an important

wave energy

TENG – A New “Artificial Jellyfish” Like Wave Energy Device

A new wave energy device  has been developed by a team of scientists from the Department of Materials Science

Its Official – We are Experiencing A Global Climate Emergency

A statement on climate change, published in Journal BioScience, which is endorsed by more than 11,000 scientists spread over

Eos Bioreactor: Capturing Carbon Equivalent To 400 Trees

Development firm Hypergiant Industries has used AI systems to make its newly-announced Eos Bioreactor prototype, a 63-cubic foot box

Prometheus: Planning To Suck Carbon To Make Gasoline

Rob McGinnis is the founder and CEO of Prometheus, a startup developing a machine that pulls carbon out of

Carbon Engineering: Building First ‘Negative Emissions’ Plant

A Canadian startup called Carbon Engineering says it’s secured the funding to build a futuristic facility that’ll suck as

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