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New Research – Pulling Synth-fuel Out Of Thin Air

A team of scientists seems to have developed a cleaner way of generating fuel for gas-burning cars — using

rare eath minerals

New Research – Rare Earth Minerals May Not Be That Rare

Rare earth minerals are a big part of today’s renewable energy technologies. Metals like ytterbium, scandium, and neodynium are

solar glass

China’s Solar Glass Shortage Will Continue In 2021 Too…Threatening Global Green Ambitions

We had previously covered the issue of a shortage of solar glass and how it is crimping China’s solar

Cloud Seeding

Cloud Seeding Tech – China Using This Technology To Change Weather

Cloud seeding technology, or systems that can blasts silver molecules into the sky to prompt condensation and cloud formation,

solar power

Putting Solar Power Stations In Space – The New Race

Renewable energy companies are trying to become the “new energy giants” they’re not just looking to take over the


Adorable – Nissan Will Sell Only Electric Vehicles In China By 2035

Nissan has announced that it will sell only electrified vehicles in China by 2035 and is taking active steps

LFP batteries

European Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Will Have New LFP Batteries

Any Tesla Model 3 vehicles that get shipped from the Shanghai Gigafactory to customers in Europe will include the


World Is On Course To A 3 °C Of Warming

The world is on course to sail past the recognized “safe” level of 2 degrees Celsius of warming to

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