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40GW Of Battery Manufacturing Is In Pipeline…

Batteries and battery cells are imported from the likes of China and the US. With plans to ensure that

eHang eVTOL Goes Into Production In Austria

eHang has come a long way and it is showing prospective clients what an electric vertical take-off & landing

Solar Funding Levels Are Up Slightly Year-Over-Year In 2019

The solar sector received $2.8 billion in corporate funding globally, including venture capital funding, public market, and debt financing.

Creating Sustainable Jet Fuel From Plant Scraps

Cellulose is the main component in the biofuel. It is a cheap, renewable, and highly abundant polymer that forms

India Stands At The 4th Place In Global Wind Energy Capacity Ranking

According to a recent report by power-technology.com, India with 35 GW of installed wind capacity is fourth in the

NIO Drives To Dominate The World EV Market

For decades, ‘Made in China’ has been synonymous with cheap, low quality goods, but in recent years, the country

Soon: A Solar Power Station In Space

China is taking its renewable energy push to new heights, with scientists revealing plans to build the first solar

Toyota & Panasonic Are Set To Launch A JV For EV Battery Manufacturing

Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic Corp are set to launch a joint venture (JV) next year to produce batteries

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