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NASA Is Testing X-57 Maxwell, An All Electric Aircraft

NASA is gearing up to begin tests on the X-57 Maxwell, the space agency’s first aircraft to be powered

sinking cities

Cities Are Literally Sinking in Earth Under Their Own Weight

Cities don’t just have sea level rises to worry about – they’re also slowly sinking under the weight of

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Feels Rich Nations Should Shift to 100% Synthetic Beef

During the 1990s, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates picked up a bad boy reputation for taking a hard line in


Uttarakhand Disaster – STOP Blaming Nature For Something Man-Made…

The glacial burst in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, is nature’s way of telling humans that we need earth,


Now Plants Will Send Emails When They Detect Pollution

MIT scientists are showing off engineered cyborg spinach that they say are capable of sending emails to their creators.


Can Hydrogen Overtake Lithium-Ion Batteries As A Fuel and Storage Option?

It is of common knowledge today that humanity needs to move away from fossil fuels in order to check

climate change

Averting Climate Catastrophe On A Global Scale Is Still – POSSIBLE

Michael Mann, a 54 year old professor at Penn State University and one of the most eminent climate scientists

climate change

New Climate Change Research – Cities Are Turning Into Ovens

New urban-specific research projections show that the average temperature within a city will rise well beyond the global average

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