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Climate Needs Immediate Action – A First-hand Account

The threat of climate change is looming large on the world. It is staring at us with projection of


Orca – World’s Biggest Carbon Capturing Machine Has Been Fired Up…

Engineers in Iceland powered up a plant, named “Orca,” the largest carbon capture device in the world. Orca is


Swiss Skiing Resort Is Covering Glacier With Blankets To Prevent Ice Melting

In one of Switzerland’s most popular Alpine destinations, resort staff have been working over the summer months to limit

climate change

To Experience Climate Change First-hand Indian Leaders Ride Into Himalayas

Climate change has led to a plethora of problems with the cities, states, country and the economy. These changes

Coral Porites sp.

Surprise – Enormous, Healthy Coral Discovered In Great Barrier Reef

A team of scientists was shocked when they accidentally stumbled upon an “exceptionally large” mass of coral, Porites sp.

hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida – Another Testimonial Of Climate Change

Hurricane Ida hit the United States on Sunday, leaving the entire city of New Orleans without power but the


It Rained In Greenland Which Is A Horrible News – Why?

For the first time in recorded history, it rained at Greenland Summit Camp, a research outpost in the island’s

ozone layer

Ozone Was Saved But Leaders Are Not Listened To Science On Climate :(

Back in 1987, world leaders came together to ban chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are the chemicals associated with the gigantic,

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