Tag: Climate Change

Renewable Energy Could Save $160 Trillion In Climate Change Costs

With development and energy demands soaring worldwide, there is an opportunity for clean, renewable energy to supplant fossil fuels

Superblocks: A Life Almost Without Cars…

Urban visionary Salvador Rueda’s superblocks project which has been adopted by Barcelona is based on design principles and metrics

Stop Lip-Service, Adapt Your Company To Climate Change

Climate change is no longer a distant concern for all but a few specialized companies; it’s an imminent reality

Blending Farming With Solar, 186% More Efficient: A Study

For many people, solar power is seen as a threat to farming communities. That’s because they believe farmers must

InfluenceMap: Over $1 Billion Spent In Misleading Climate-Related Branding & Lobbying

The new report, published last week by independent UK-based non-profit InfluenceMap says that the globe’s five largest publicly-traded oil

Seasonal Allergies Linked To Climate Change

Recorded shifts in when the four seasons begin and end are just one example of how man-made climate change

Vegetation Drought: A Threat To India’s Food Security

Vegetation drought is a condition of ecosystem which is affected by climate change and low soil moisture. Vegetation distribution

More Nitrogen Will Help Wheat, Fight Climate Change

Increasing concentration of carbon dioxide and the associated rise in temperatures is affecting life on earth at different scales.

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