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The Diamond City, Surat- Has A New Tag…

Surat, the diamond city of India has a new tag, Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) recently became a successful example

Surprising: Household Fuels Deadlier Than Exhaust Fumes

India, where wood, cow dung, coal, and kerosene are the primary sources of heat and cooking for about half

Atleast For Now: Divert ‘National Clean Energy Fund’ For Clean Coal-Based Generation

India is marching forward with the renewable energy transition, which now accounts for over 13 per cent of the

Carbon Capture Don’t Worth The Investment: An Analysis

An international team of researchers found that the worst renewable energy investments are equal to the best carbon capture

NTPC Plans To Become India’s Largest Green Power Producer

From fossil fuels NTPC, the largest power producer with a total installed capacity of 53,166 MW (including JVs), has

The State of Renewable Energy In India

Some favourable policies, combined with good market conditions, has seen the renewable energy sector emerge as a sunshine industry.

India Is Trying To ‘Walk The Talk’ On Renewable Energy

India has become an outspoken proponent of renewable energy but Is the central government walking the talk? A recent

Wind & Solar To Achieve 50% By 2050 : Predicts BNEF

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report predicts that wind and solar is expected to grow to almost 50% by

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