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A Leading Steel Maker Shed Coal For Renewable Energy

A gigantic steel mill named EVRAZ North America’s Rocky Mountain Steel facility, in Pueblo, Colorado is getting a renewable

Highview power

Highview Power Air-Powered Energy Storage Systems

The firm Highview Power is rolling full steam ahead with plans for a fleet of air-powered energy storage systems


Atmospheric Humidity Powered Batteries!

Water vapor (humidity) in the atmosphere has the potential to become a viable source of renewable energy, according to

Voestalpine, The Global Steelmaker, Is Experimenting With ‘Green’ Hydrogen

Earlier this month the leading global steelmaker Voestalpine announced the startup of the largest (so far) “green” hydrogen pilot

Generating Electricity By Sucking Carbon From Atmosphere

Some researchers have suggested that the world could fight climate change by investing in machines that capture carbon from the

Solar Amplifier : 24/7 Power With Only ONE 200W Solar Panel

Genesys, LLC announced that it has received a US Patent for a solar amplifier. It is reported to be

Solar Power : The World’s Cheapest Form of Electricity

Solar Power is becoming the cheapest way to generate electricity, according to leading analysts. Data produced by Bloomberg New

Soil can Power Home Appliances

The soil in the flower pots or the kitchen garden of your house can provide you not just flowers

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