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Swiss Skiing Resort Is Covering Glacier With Blankets To Prevent Ice Melting

In one of Switzerland’s most popular Alpine destinations, resort staff have been working over the summer months to limit

hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida – Another Testimonial Of Climate Change

Hurricane Ida hit the United States on Sunday, leaving the entire city of New Orleans without power but the


It Rained In Greenland Which Is A Horrible News – Why?

For the first time in recorded history, it rained at Greenland Summit Camp, a research outpost in the island’s

dead zone

Dead Zones Are Increasing In Number Due To Climate Change

A hypoxic zone, more evocatively referred to as a “dead zone,” is a phenomenon in which the oxygen levels


Methane – A Bigger Threat To Climate Than CO2 In Short Time Frame

Methane (CH4) which is the main component of natural or fossil gas is vastly more potent warming agent than


Heatwave Is Killing By the Dozen

The horrific heatwave in western Canada and the northwestern United States had already killed dozens and same is happening


IPCC – Worst Of Climate Change Is Yet To Come, Affecting Our Future Generations If We Survive…

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) involve input from climate scientists around the world who share their research


Heating Of Earth Has DOUBLED In Last 15 Years

The planet is heating up to a dangerous extent. But what scientists are just learning now is that the

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