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Rajasthan To Implement GE’s STNAMS For Real-Time Monitoring Of Power Grid

Renewable sources account for around 34 per cent of Rajasthan’s total installed power generation capacity of 21.6 Gw. The


The integration of regional grids, and thereby establishment of National Grid, was conceptualised in early nineties. The integration of

Energy Storage Market : The Shape of Things to Come

There are two basic types of energy storage – front of the meter, commonly known as grid-scale storage, and

Is Rooftops Solar a Good Option for India?

With an average solar insolation of 4-7 kwh/m and 300 sunny days in a year, India’s potential for harnessing

Decline in Renewable Installation Cost to Drive Growth

A significant decline in the cost of installing solar and wind power over the last decade should ensure sustained

Storage should be part of renewable energy projects: expert

Policy intervention is needed for renewable energy storage capacity in all grid connected renewable projects to tackle the potential

Renewable Energy Transmission-The Game Changer

It’s not that the record capacity addition that would be the game changer, it would be transmission. Power Grid

Commitment to India’s greener future

Clean Future in conversation with Mr.Himanshu Pandit, Chief Operating Officer at Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics, Ahmedabad about the manufacturing

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