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Earth on Fire

Earth Is Literally And Figuratively On Fire

It’s no secret that our planet is literally and figuratively on fire right now. In fact, some wildfires are


UN – We Have Reached The “Point Of No Return” On Climate Change

UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has declared “code red for humanity” meaning that we are staring down


At What Temperature (Heat) Will The Human Body Shut Down?

Climate change is making extreme heat more common and more severe. Humans have a constant body temperature, around 98


Extreme Heat Is Melting Roads All Over The World

During last weekend’s deadly heat wave, some roads in the US Pacific Northwest buckled, same was seen in other


Due To Heat And Humidity People Are Simply Dying…

Climate change is giving rise to a new trend: more areas are growing so hot and humid that people


Heatwave Is Killing By the Dozen

The horrific heatwave in western Canada and the northwestern United States had already killed dozens and same is happening


Heating Of Earth Has DOUBLED In Last 15 Years

The planet is heating up to a dangerous extent. But what scientists are just learning now is that the

Climate Change

Climate Change Related 37% Global Heat Deaths Can Be Prevented

Climate change causes more than one-third of global heat-related deaths each year according to a new research. Seventy scientists

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