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Honda – Betting Big On Small Upmarket Electric City Car

Japan’s Honda Motor Co Ltd has decided to bet big on small cars and so has decided to launch


A Cut Above – Honda Buys Stake In EV Battery Company CATL

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) and Honda have signed an agreement to form a comprehensive strategic alliance on


Honda Gives A “Second Life” To Its EV Batteries

Honda is expanding its partnership with European recycling specialists SNAM (Société Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux), which will collect used

Honda e: A Cute, Practical, & Efficient Electric Car

The Honda e electric car is a perfect example of an efficient package that should be entertaining to drive

56 GWh Battery Cooperation Agreement Signed Between Honda & CATL

Honda has signed an agreement with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (CATL), who is one of the top suppliers

Fluoride Battery Breakthrough By Focusing On Negative

Fluoride batteries are capable of being 10 times more energy dense than lithium batteries. But until now, they needed

Honda to Launch EV in India by 2023-24

Honda Motors aims to bring its Electric Vehicles (EVs) to Indian consumers by 2023-2024. In addition, the company announced

Honda Invests $2.75 Billion In General Motors Company

As of today Honda has hardly any electric cars in its product mix, but it has just agreed to

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