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In A First: Model For Forecasting Reservoir Water Level

Reservoirs provide water for irrigation, industrial use and hydropower generation in many parts of the country and their storage

New Study Says Kerala Flood Are NOT Linked With Climate Change

The frequency and intensity of extreme weather events in India appears to be going up. But it may not

Surprise Discovery For Indian Scientists: Nanosheets Can Also Act As Chemical Reagents

Team from IIT Gandhinagar discovers that boron-rich nanosheets are chemical reagents too, with potential applications in energy storage devices

Climate Change Affecting Hydropower Generation In India

A new study has suggested that the government must consider changes occurring due to climate change while planning new

New Nanocomposite Can Help In Cleaning Air

Carbon monoxide is a major air pollutant posing threat to human health. A team of scientists led by researcher

Indian scientists develop world’s thinnest material : Nanosheet

How thin can the thinnest material be? It can be as thin as 100,000 times thinner than a sheet

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